Constructing the Limes closely collaborates with Portable Antiquities of the Netherlands (PAN) in organizing PAN events, in partnership with organizations such as Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht (LEU), DDA Nederlandse vereniging voor metaaldetectie en het Fries Museum. These events are interesting for hobby archaeologists and metal detector enthusiasts to have their finds examined for our project. Each event requests specific finds to be brought in, such as certain types of fibulae or coins, but other finds are also welcome.

Researching early Roman fibulae: XRF and laser ablation

The archaeology of the Roman period and the Roman frontier plays a significant role within Constructing the Limes. This includes surface finds discovered with the aid of a metal detector. PAN is a partner of C-Limes and organizes events where various scientific methods are employed and explained.

At these PAN events, research is conducted on early Roman fibulae (specifically bow, plate, hinge, and loop fibulae) through measurements using a handheld XRF and laser ablation. This helps determine the materials of the fibulae and their geographical origins. Interested in learning more about your finds and contributing to scientific research? Then join us at one of our PAN events!

  • A team from VU Amsterdam, consisting of Stephen Merkel and Gareth Davies, conducts research on the objects using laser ablation. Want to know more about laser ablation? Click here.
  • Bertil van Os (Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency) determines the composition of the offered finds using handheld XRF. Want to know more about XRF? Click here.