NWO grant for archaeological research on Romans at the Rhine Estuary

Wooden remains of steeples (wooden pile foundations) of a wooden tower © Wouter Vos

The archaeology project ‘Romans at the Rijnmond’ has been selected for funding by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The NWO program Archaeological finds of (inter)national importance finances scientific research on recent archaeological finds in the Netherlands.

The research project ‘Romans at the Rijnmond’ is led by Saskia Stevens and focuses on the archaeological site Valkenburg (ZH), discovered in 2020. There, under the reign of Emperor Caligula (37-41 AD), a gigantic army camp of about 20 hectares was built. But what exactly did this camp look like? And how about the wider area? To answer these questions, the research team of ‘Romans at the Rijnmond’ will set to work this autumn.

Establishment of the Limes

The archaeology project ‘Romans at the Rijnmond’ is linked to Constructing the Limes, of which Stevens is also project leader. The new project not only gives us the opportunity to further develop this unique archaeological site near Valkenburg, but also to gain insight into the establishment of the Limes, the border of the Roman Empire that ran straight through the Netherlands.

‘Romans on the Rijnmond’ is led by Utrecht University and will be carried out in a partnership with ADC ArcheoProjecten, the National Museum of Antiquities and Vos Archeo. The University of Edinburgh, the municipality of Katwijk and the province of South Holland are also involved.

This item was written originally written in Dutch by Utrecht University. Read the entire post here.